H3: Arduino + Flash workshop

Welcome! Here are some details about H3: Arduino + Flash workshop, the 11th of a series of hardware hacking workshops in London (check out the others on our blog and pictures here.) , organised by Tinker.it.


Lead by Alias Cummins and assisted by Brock Craft, this workshop is aimed at people who are comfortable with Flash, and want to start experimenting/working with Arduino, but have little or no experience of physical computing. The workshop will focus on getting them through the first few steps, which are usually the most difficult, and give them the tools and knowledge to continue learning on their own.

First, you will quickly cover the basics of getting your Arduino connected up and writing simple programs and finally getting Flash to talk to an integrated circuit via Arduino. All the while you will be approaching this from a flash perspective, with our primary development language being ActionScript 3.

What do I need to bring?

- A laptop
NB: Prior Knowledge of electronics is not necessary to attend this workshop but you MUST have prior knowledge of Flash.

What we will provide

- The beginners Arduino kit which you can take away with you after the workshop.


April 5- 6th 2008
From 10am to 6pm


London Knowledge Lab
23-29 Emerald Street
London WC1N 3QS
United Kingdom



10:00-11:00: Presentation – overview of Arduino, crash course in electronics
11:00-13:00: Connecting and programming your arduino – making an LED blink.
13:00-14:00: Lunch
14:00-16:00: Connecting physical controls to Flash (switches & potentiometers)
16:00-18:00: Triggering flash events with sensors (probably light or proximity sensors)
18:00: Drinks in a nearby pub.


10:00-11:00: Presentation – Flash and other projects – some inspirational work done with Arduino, discuss some of the many possibilities.
11:00-13:00: Integrated circuits – wiring a multiplexer chip to arduino, explanation of how it multiplexers work, brief introduction to manufacturer datasheets.
13:00-14:00: Using the multiplexer chip to control an array of LEDs
15:00-16:00: Using the multiplexer chip to read an array of sensors
16:00-18:00: Troubleshooting and bug fixing help
18:00: Drnks in a nearby pub!

How much?

Tickets are £120, £95 for students (“student” is the promo code)
Only 15 spaces open for this workshop.
Sorry this event is now sold out. Please sign up to our mailing list to keep up with upcoming events.

Registration is opened till the 25th of March 2008.

If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra at nick@tinker.it.

Sorry, the event has now sold out.

Registration has now ended.