H3: Processing + Arduino

Welcome! Here are some details about H3: Processing + Arduino, the forth of a series of hardware hacking workshops in London (check out the others on our blog ) , organised by Tinker.it and hosted by Moving Brands!


We have the pleasure of having awesome hardware and software hackers Karsten Schmidt and Spencer Roberts leading this 2 day workshop during which participants will explore Processing and it’s uses with Arduino for interactive installation design, games, etc.

You should have a level of Arduino knowledge that’s intermediate to expert. We’ll bring a few Arduinos with us but please bring your own, so you can bring your project back with you! Also bring your own laptop!


8th December 2007 – 9th December 2007.


Moving Brands
59 Charlotte Road




  • Overview about the Processing / Arduino connection
  • Idea abstractions, design principles & IPO metaphor: space, scale, time, multi-dimensionality, context, frequency, connectivity, layers, emergence freedom of re-interpretation of data
  • Overview of project examples.
  • Introduction to a range of sensors/input devices using single BYTE communication.
  • Introduction to supplied generic sensor reading code
  • Guided Task 1

1 PM

  • Object Orientation
  • Guided Task 2
  • String parsing + ASCII serial protocol
  • Guided Task 3

6pm onwards: Drinks at Bar Kick


10 AM

  • Presentation by Moving Brands
  • Presentation by Paul Johnston of Vida Innovation
  • Recap of salient points
  • Project Brief
  • Project execution

1 PM

  • Project execution
  • Presentation of project outcome

How much?

Tickets are £170.

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