H3: RFID workshop

Welcome! Here are some details about H3: RFID workshop, the second of a series of hardware hacking workshops in London (check out the first one) , organised by Tinker.it!


Inspired by a series of workshops conducted in Italy in 2006, Massimo Banzi will lead a 2 day workshop around using the Arduino board and RFID, an electronic identification technology that’ s becoming more and more popular with the industry while its adoption in design is still rare. This workshop aims at introducing designers to the world of RFID technology, its applications and the controversy associated with its use.

We will also have the pleasure of welcoming again Matt Biddulph, CTO of internet startup Dopplr as he helps the attendees out on the software side of things.

You should have a level of Arduino knowledge that’s intermediate to expert. We’ll bring a few Arduinos with us but please bring your own, so you can bring your project back with you!

You will be given an RFID reader (yes, the kind that reads Oyster cards!) and some tags during the workshop.


27th October 2007 – 28th October 2007.


This workshop is being sponsored by Arup.

Arup HQ 13 Fitzroy Street London W1T 4BQ



10:00: Introduction to the workshop and roundtable introductions
10:10: Morning session: Introduction to RFID
13:00: Lunch
13:00-1800 Afternoon session : Hacking RFID
18:00- Drinks somewhere nearby.


10:00 Guest speaker : Janne Jalkanen, NFC Nokia
11:00 Hack away!
13:00 Lunch
13:00-17:00 Hack away!
17:00 – 18:00 Group presentation of your projects

Attendees (so far)

++ Alex Zivanovic
++ Adam Hoyle

Registration has now ended.

This event is closed. Please contact us for more information.