Interactive retail environments with Arduino

Welcome! Here are some details about Interactive retail environments with Arduino, an exclusive workshop lead by Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino platform and CTO of! organised in collaboration with IconNicholson,! and Zonebee!

The twitter / Flickr tag for this event will be #interactiveretail


This workshop will focus on the ways in which retail environments have evolved from traditional elements of display to being real windows of opportunities for brands to extend themselves in the real world. Based on 10 years of experience in the interaction design and physical prototyping field Massimo Banzi, will walk participants through the principles of interaction inside retail environments, and enable them to build their own interactive elements, using the Arduino, an easy and world-renowned physical prototyping platform. Additionally, IconNicholson will be presenting their Social Retail concept and Zonebee will be talking about their work with! at the Flandrau Science Centre.

What shall I bring?

Please bring your laptop and download the Arduino software from

No experience in electronics is necessary.

It would be useful if participants had some experience with software such as Processing, PureData, VVVV, Isadora, or any programming language etc.

What will be provided?

We will be providing you with all the materials you will need including a Beginners Arduino Workshop kit and the Getting Started with Arduino book. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR LAPTOP WITH YOU.


Day 1

Introduction to the workshop and round-table introductions
Introduction presentation on retail environments by Massimo Banzi and presentation of!’s TinkerKit.
Presentation by IconNicholson
Presentation by Zonebee

Introduction to the Arduino platform
Setting up
The Basics of Arduino

Brainstorming session

Day 2

Group presentations of concepts
Building day


Presentations to rest of the group


7th April 2009 – 8th April 2009 from 10 am to 5 pm.


Icon Nicholson HQ, New York
The Puck Building, 8th Floor
295 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

How much?

Tickets are $200 for professionals and $150 for students. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about future workshops sign up to our newsletter

Registration has now ended.

This event is closed. Please contact us for more information.